Business Video Calls

Nowadays most of the people are taking a Zoom call or Video call for the business purpose or for some seminar, training purpose. So thought to share some tips on Video Calls.

1. Schedule a Video call when you are Fresh and feeling excited.

2. Don't schedule after a nap or something 😊 it shows on your face, on your eyes.

3. Use an airy room with good light so that you are properly visible

4. Use the colours which are soothing to the eyes. So don't wear any bright colour or extreme contrast like black and white. Ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, deep green, purples or neutral colours are some colours you can choose from your closet

5. Tie your hair properly or if you are not tieing the hair make sure you set them properly. It should not come on your face while your call is going on. It will irritate the other person.

6. If you are wearing makeup then use bit heavy makeup as sometimes the lights and all settings in video call feds the colour... Best to use eyeliner as it will give a proper structure to your eyes and lipstick which can add colour to plain face...

Just keep yourself presentable even you are taking the call from home. It's will give you the fresh look and feel good factor too...

Stay safe, stay home...