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SKIN CARE - Why pH Balance is Important??

Our skin has a protective layer on the surface. The main function of this layer is to protect our skin from various problem which leads to damage.  This protective layer is made up of acidic in nature called Acid Mantle .  Sun rays, extreme temperature, all kind of pollution are some of the Natural and Environmental factors or Health, Sleep, Nutrition, Stress are some of the non Environment or Internal factors which cause to damage this Acid Mantle and it leads to damage of pH Balance. Your skin aging process is one the reason why you start to loose your pH Balance. Of course you can not stop your aging, but this is the reason why you need to take care of your skin before it's too late. Other factors that can affect skin pH include: acne air pollution antibacterial products change in seasons, with different humidity levels cosmetics detergents antibacterial soaps and gels too frequent washing of your skin  So its very important how you are treating your skin. Your Skin has a memory

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